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About BlueLife

BlueLife TechnoSciences India Private Limited, is a Designing, Manufacturing and Marketing Company of home appliances particularly Residential Water Purification Systems with Quality, Creativity and State-of-the-art technologies. The quality obsession has led the promoters to search across the globe and associate themselves with organizations that produce world’s best raw materials. BlueLife® manufactures and market its products across India and the globe.
Digital RO® purification process, integrated in residential water purification systems is having its unique features and products designed and manufactured by us are registered to protect the inventions and creativity of the company. Our distributor/dealer network is present across the country.
The Company was established with the sole objective of providing Pure and Hygienic drinking water to its consumers. With this as our very principle, we entered into the home appliances, water and specialist products market. Post analysing the market and studying the gaps prevalent in the water purification industry, we designed, manufactured and marketed innovative and unique residential water purifiers that are based on advanced water purification process.
Another added advantage of the BlueLife water purifier is its stainless steel detachable storage tank which allows consumers to remove the tank by themselves, wash and refill with purified water. As an environment conscious organisation, we always strive to adapt eco-friendly approaches in whatever we do. We have a unique policy of encouraging our consumers to return the parts after their end of life for ecological disposal. With a vast service and sales network, we intend to make BlueLife a household name and emerge as best water purifier brand.